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We've been engraving specialists since 1956


Laser Cutting . Laser Engraving . Laser Etching . CNC Cutting . Chemical Etching . Sand Blasting . Digital Printing . Resin Doming . Direct UV Printing . Silk Screen Printing . Engraving . Anodizing

Laser Cutting
Laser Engraving
Laser Etching
CNC Cutting
Chemical Etching
Sand Blasting
Resin Doming
Direct UV Printing
Silk Screen Printing
Acid Etching


Outside Signage DOWD Engravers


As a leading custom signage manufacturer, Dowd specializes in creating signage that is unique, eye-catching and effective.
We use only the best materials and the latest technology to manufacture signage that is durable, long-lasting and perfectly suited to your business needs. 
Have a look at our  product range covering, box letters, illuminated signage, wayfinding, and retails sign.

Nameplates DOWD Engravers Cape Town


We understand the importance of having the right nameplates to identify, label and brand your products.
That’s why we offer a wide range of customizable nameplates, designed to meet your specific needs.
Our products are specially crafted to provide a long-lasting, high-quality finish, ensuring that the nameplates stand up to the test of time.
If you are looking for high end furniture tags, custom vin plates, QR code tags, barcode tags, or mimic plates, give us call.

DOWD Engraving Cape Town


At Dowd., we believe that crafting personalized products is an art form. For over 30 years, our family-owned business has been delivering stunning and meaningful items that our customers will cherish for a lifetime.
With a focus on delivering outstanding customer service and attention to detail, our skilled team of artisans is dedicated to creating one-of-a-kind products that exceed your expectations.
We have expanded our processes over the years to keep up with the market demand for engraved items. this sets us apart from other service providers.

Laser Engraving Cape Town

This process is ideal for wood, plastics & cork

Laser Engraving

Laser Engraving
Laser etching Cape Town

a process that creates marks on parts and products

Laser Etching

Laser Etching
CNC Cutting Cape Town

This is a very versatile process, for engraving & cutting

CNC Cutting

CNC Cutting
Chemical etching cape town

a method used for metal engraving

Chemical Etching

Chemical Etching
Sand Blasting Cape Town

Creates textured background giving depth to signage

Sand Blasting

Sand Blasting
Resin Doming Cape Town

Ideal for vinyl decals and metals

Resin Doming

Resin Doming
Silk Screen Printing Cape Town

Screen printing is a more durable method

Silk Screen Printing

Silk Screen Printing
Engraving Cape Town

hand engraving is a unique art form 


Anodizing Cape Town

Improves the properties of the material


Using a Touch Phone

At dowd, we offer advanced laser cutting 

Contact Us

Contact Us


We collaborate closely with customers to provide end-to-end services, encompassing manufacturing through to installation 

Rigging Cape Town

Rigging signage involves the process of safely and securely installing various types of signs, ensuring they are properly positioned and anchored to withstand environmental factors such as wind, rain, and other potential hazards



Bring life back to your old signage – we can refurbish the signage to its original state.


  • Polishing

  • Linish

  • Strip & fill

  • Powder Coating

  • Sand and stain of wood.


Using our skilled and certified in-house team, we provide the installation of general signage to the highest quality.


This includes:

  • aluminium ladders

  • scaffolding

  • cherry pickers


 Keep signs fresh and functional with our signage maintenance services



 Dowd Engravers was founded as “Bambara Engravers” in 1956, on the strength of an order for brass nameplates from The Atlantic Oil Company. The founder was Tom Dowd, an all-round process engraver in the U.K. Over the years, this business has remained a family run business with the various name changes representing its growth and sustainability, known formerly as Dowd Printing Die Company, Dowd Engravers, and Dowd & Turner.
Dowd is no newcomer to the world of industrial engraving and nameplate manufacturing.  Providing products to a broad range of industries from furniture, manufacturing, construction, property development, electrical, engineering, marine, hospitality and entertainment, wine and liquor and design industries, to personalised luxury items and first-class customer service. After perfecting an expertise in engraving, etching, and printing services at their factory in Stikland, Cape Town since February 1998, Dowd Engravers is a natural evolution into the realm of laser engraving, laser cutting and digital printing.
This third-generation family business with “mother/daughter team”, Susan and Jane Turner, Dowd Engravers expanded in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town on February 1, 2010 and continues as a locally owned and operated company.  With this current expansion they are now able to include new services and design capabilities for a variety of products and materials, serving both business to business and individual requirements.
Dowd Engravers takes pride in responding quickly to requests as well as providing timely project completion, as well as top quality products and products of a high standard. 

Processing and laser cutting for metal in the industrial
















We have more than 20k satisfied clients that have worked with us.

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Visit us at 12 Traka St, Stikland Industrial, Cape Town, 7530.


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Phone: 021 948 1771

WhatsApp: 0744188695

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